Getting Cheap Tickets to Alaska, Florida, and even California

Published: 11th July 2008
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Getting cheap tickets to go any place can sometimes be a tricky endeavor, but

trying to find cheap tickets to popular destinations can be a very stressful

task. While the world is full of popular tourists destinations, this article

will focus on obtaining cheap tickets to the three states that tend to be the

most expensive to fly into; Alaska, Florida, and California.
Alaska, the state that seems so far away and so hard to get to, is home to

untouched resources and natural wildlife habitats. The state has glaciers

that can be seen by touring the area and plenty of skiing in the snow covered

mountains. Alaska is basically an outdoor person's dream come true. Airlines

know that travel to Alaska is in high demands, especially in the winter

months. Sometimes travel may be a little dangerous because of weather, but

over all airplanes have no problem navigating to the destination. Since most

of Alaska is not suitable for landing, all commercial flights fly directly

into the airport in Anchorage.
The best way to find cheap tickets to Alaska is by contacting the airlines

directly, and then comparing prices on sites like Travelocity and According to travel website "Flights to

Alaska that include a Saturday night stay will be less expensive than those

that do not." This is because the cheapest days to book a flight to Alaska

are Monday-Thursday. Another way to find cheap tickets is to consider the

peak travel time. Alaska has the best weather in June, July, and August. The

weather is mild in both May and September. If possible, try to plan vacations

in May and September to keep the cost of purchasing tickets down. Finally,

holiday seasons can be chaotic times to travel, however tickets tend to be

cheaper during New Years Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.
Finding cheap tickets is not hard to certain destinations in Florida and

California. Booking a flight that's flying into Orlando is not as expensive

as booking a flight flying into other portions of Florida. Since Florida and

California are both very hot summer spots because of their theme parks and

beaches, vacation packages are always offered from travel agents. Before

committing to an airline reservation, call a travel agent and ask for quotes.

It may be possible to get a cheap ticket and a cheap hotel room or rental car.

Another thing to consider in your hunt for cheap tickets is what time you

want to travel. Spring break time is a time that a lot of people are

traveling to places in California and Florida. Many agents and airlines

respect that college kids can not always afford pricy flights and offer

discounts. Avoid vacationing between June through August if at all possible,

since those months are peak travel times. It's best to consider taking

vacations in May and September while the weather is still nice, but the

tickets are generally cheaper.
The destination you are purchasing your ticket for should not have to play a

role in whether or not you can obtain cheap tickets. No matter where you go,

always shop around for the best deals, the cheapest times to travel, and do

not be afraid to befriend a travel agent.

Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and wasinterviewed on: http://www. where you can learn all about cheap flights and free

flight upgrades.

Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and wasinterviewed on: where you can learn all about cheap flights and free flight upgrades.

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