Getting Cheap First Class Upgrades using the Y-Up Method

Published: 11th July 2008
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The not very publicly known way of getting a first class ticket for the cost

of flying is coach is known as Y-Up. A Y-Up is the term used for airfare that

is deeply discounted. The tickets are only available for domestic flights and

flights to Canada. As of this time, there are no Y-Up fares being offered for

international flights.

While Y-Up fares tend to be cheaper than first class tickets, usually running

around the price of coach fares but can be as low as $280.00 for a round trip

ticket, they are not perfect for every flying occasion. The Y-Up tickets are

affected by the supply and demand of the airline and competition can drive up

the cost of the Y-Up. Prices can also differ depending up the destination of


Whenever contacting a travel agent or an airline directly always ask if there

are Y-Up seats available. Y-Up seats are often available right before the

final boarding call of the flight. It's great to check with the airline at

the last minute or even if you have arrived late and missed your original


For those enrolled in the airlines' frequent flyer programs, it would also be

a good idea to check for Y-Up seats. Sometimes these tickets are available at

a cheaper rate and easier to obtain than if you were to enter the first class

upgrade lottery.

Tips for Finding Y-Up Seats
"Do not be afraid to search airline sites and talk to your travel agent

anytime of the year. Y-Up seats are almost always available regardless the

time of year or week. Although, there may be less competition on the days

that are not as popular for business travel.
"Since the Y-Ups are not commonly known, there are many self service ticket

sites that do not offer Y-Up ticket searches. The best way to gain

information on the tickets is to contact the airlines directly.
"While Y-Up tickets can be found for round trip tickets, they are more

commonly found on one way flights. If at all possible, book two one way trips

with Y-Up tickets instead of searching for a round trip ticket.
"To search for Y-Up tickets, the travel agents or the airlines must enter the

code to find the tickets. The tickets will not display without entering the

code. Make sure you ask for the Y-Up tickets by name.
"Y-Up tickets are available to anyone, but especially to those who are

celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. Always carry documentation and proof

of the special events in case the flight has one or two Y-Up tickets

"If you are a member of the frequent flyer program, it would be especially

beneficial to get a Y-Up ticket. Since Y-Up tickets are available for first

class that would be up to double the frequent flyer miles!
There are many benefits for asking about Y-Up tickets. The main benefit is

the cheap or free upgrade to first class. While the price tends to be a great

motivator, so can the flexibility of the tickets. Y-Up tickets are refundable

and/ or exchangeable, which is not common with other airline tickets.

Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and wasinterviewed on: http://www. where you can learn all about cheap flights and free

flight upgrades.

Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and wasinterviewed on: where you can learn all about cheap flights and free flight upgrades.

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